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How I can help

There are many reasons why you might be looking into therapy.

You might be here because you’re struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, stress or low self-esteem, or perhaps you have been through a relationship breakdown or bereavement. It might be due to something that has happened recently or events that are more connected with your past. Life may feel difficult or even overwhelming. Or maybe you aren’t really sure what’s wrong but you know things need to change.

Our reasons for coming to therapy are as individual as we are.

What’s essential is that you find a therapist who you feel comfortable with and who works at your pace. However, it can be difficult and frustrating to navigate your way through all the options and therapy jargon out there. So, put simply, I offer a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space for you to talk through what’s going on for you.

We’ll work together to develop clarity, awareness and understanding, and build a way forward that takes you in the direction you want to go in.

About me

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Hello, I’m Fiona. I help people who are struggling with anxiety, depression, relationships (whether personal or professional), self-esteem, stress, problems at work, identity, loss, meaning and purpose – among life’s other challenges.

Before becoming a therapist, I pursued a career in publishing where I was involved in writing and producing a number of books on wellbeing and mental health, including a series of bestselling books with the mental health charity Mind. We all have mental health just as we have physical health, and these books help you give yours the respect and care it deserves.

I practice an integrative model of counselling, which means that I use a combination of different approaches and therapy styles. While the path therapy takes is unique to each person, a common component to my work is exploring how we understand ourselves and our place in the world as well as how we have learnt to operate within it. This often includes looking at the influence of our past, while offering an opportunity to experience ourselves in a new way, challenging unhelpful patterns and helping us to make different choices in the future.

As an accredited member of the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), I am a fully qualified therapist and work within their ethical framework.

If you’d like more information about me or the way I work, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Fiona's BACP Accreditation

How I offer therapy

My practice is exclusively online, which means that therapy sessions are conducted over video calls via Zoom. Therapy sessions are held in precisely the same way as traditional in-person therapy but with the added flexibility that they can take place wherever you are. Online therapy can be particularly helpful if you have a busy schedule, often travel or could benefit from the reduction in travel time.

Therapy is normally once a week at a set time. Each session is 50 minutes long. We can agree to a fixed number of sessions or take an open-ended approach. This is something that we can discuss in the initial consultation and come back to at any time during therapy.

Next steps

Drop me an email or give me a ring and we can arrange a time for an initial 50-minute consultation. That initial consultation gives us a chance to meet one another and discuss how we could work together. It’s where you can talk about what you want to achieve in therapy and ask any questions that you might have before committing to weekly sessions – although do feel free to email me with queries before we meet.


£60 per 50-minute session

I have some reduced-fee slots available. Please get in touch for more details.